Rules and Regulations

  1. DRHBA will appoint independent panels of judges who will determine up to five finalists and a single winner in each category.
  1. All entries remain the property of DRHBA.
  1. DRHBA reserves all publishing rights to the materials submitted.
  1. DRHBA reserves the right to disqualify incomplete submissions or entries that do not observe the noted requirements. Application fees will not be returned for disqualified applications.
  1. The judges reserve the right to cancel an award category where the quality of work does not warrant a winner.
  1. Judges are selected by members of the DRHBA Awards Committee and will be from outside the DRHBA membership.
  1. No judge may participate in a category if they have a client(s) with an entry in that category.
  1. Names of finalists may be released in advance however the winners will not be revealed until each presentation is made on the night of the Awards.
  1. If a submission package is prepared by an advertising agency on behalf of a DRHBA member, only the member is eligible for an Award of Excellence.
  1. You may enter yourself or nominate a fellow member for any category.