Professional of the Year

Awards of Excellence 2024 | Durham Region Home Builders' Association


Awarded to a professional member for outstanding corporate and/or individual attitude, cooperation, and service to associates and the industry as a whole. Involvement in professional associations, and service and innovation that greatly benefits the residential construction industry are hallmarks of award-winning professionals.

  • Description of member / company - Maximum 500 words.
  • List any professional associations you belong to, and any contributions you have made to those associations.
  • Describe the service and innovation you have provided and how it assisted the home building industry.
  • Describe a project in Durham Region that highlights your skills and expertise.
  • Photos
    Photographs of the trade's logo and/or advertising material. (jpg, jpeg, gif, png)
  • References (PDFs)
    Minimum of 5 references.
  • Link to video (optional):
    You may add a link to a video you have uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.
Criterion Weight
Special Project 25.0%
Contribution to Industy 25.0%
Professional Associations 25.0%
Overall Quality of Service 25.0%