Corporate Citizenship

Awards of Excellence 2024 | Durham Region Home Builders' Association


The Award of Excellence for Corporate Citizenship will recognize a member company that has gone above and beyond to support their local community.  The winning company will have a track record of helping local charities and organizations, will have strong ties in the community and of being proactive in helping their employees achieve a healthy work/life balance.

  • Description of community involvement (volunteer hours, projects, etc.): - Maximum 500 Words
  • Photos
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  • Description of charitable giving (Maximum 500 Words)
  • Description of partnerships with local charities and non-profit organizations: (Maximum 500 Words)
  • Description of how your business promotes work/life balance (Maximum 500 Words)
  • Other information (awards won, community recognition, etc.) (Maximum 500 Words)
  • Link to video (optional):
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Criterion Weight
Community involvement 25.0%
Charitable giving 25.0%
Community partnerships 25.0%
Employee work/life balance 25.0%